We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Simple Acquisitions, LP.

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Marc helped me find a FSBO situation where I was able to do a rent-to-own arrangement with the buyer for a year, then purchase for $15,000 under the appraised price.  At $110,000 it was a great deal and has since grown in value in the past five years to approximately $140,000

Maureen Kerr

Marc has been a great help with advising me with my real estate investments. He has been able to advise me on many properties. My most recent yielded me a 400% profit!!  Thanks Marc and I trust investments continue getting tremendous success as in the past.

Ezz Amin

I’m one of the lucky ones, who had someone to encourage me to make sound financial decisions from a young age. As is too often the case with these things though, I didn’t necessarily take the counsel that was given to me. It wasn’t till I was twenty six that I was sufficiently convinced that it was indeed possible to purchase assets in real estate with little money in the bank and a meager yearly income. It was at that time that my brother decided I was ready, and introduced me to the teachings of Carleton Sheets. Philippe Dupuis cabinet maker, real estate investor

Philip Dupuis

Marc, I just want to thank you for all the help you have been to me. The knowledge of Real Estate Investing you had pass onto me is number one in my book. My struggling real estate business went to the next level after consulting with you. I owe you a debt of gratitude. Kenneth McCray Charlotte, NC

Kenneth McCray

With the necessary information and the help of his power team the next step was accomplished, using a construction loan to secure a “cash back” check at closing, I was able to purchase my first home near the experimental farm in Ottawa, Ontario. Since that time I have purchased a fiveplex and a second single family home. That first GREAT house and the experience of its acquisition have proven to be the corner stone of my investing career thus far. Philippe Dupuis cabinet maker, real estate investor

Philip Dupuis

Without Marc, his guidance and his contacts, none of this would have been possible and I would probably still be renting an apartment and paying down someone else’s mortgage. Along the way, I have seen Marc passing on the knowledge he has so painstakingly acquired through his continued thirst for information to numerous others. It is then that I was able to witness how indispensable he has proven to be for them. To this day, not because he’s my brother but because of the quality of his information and the depth of his understanding, he remains my first call when I need guidance in any area. Philippe Dupuis cabinet maker, real estate investor

Philip Dupuis