Real Estate Demographics

real estate demographics
Real estate demographics

3 Great Ways Real Estate Demographics Can Bring You Cash Flow

How Understanding Demographics Can Help You Succeed


Apartment building owners depend on their tenants to pay the mortgage as well as generate passive income. As a result, recognizing the real estate demographics of your market as you learn how to invest in real estate is important to your success.


Nothing creates more demand for rental housing than population growth. A steady increase in residents over time helps to ensure there is a good pool from which to draw tenants.

So who are these key real estate demographics that make up such a large portion of the renter population?


  1. Baby Boomers

It is estimated that 75 million Baby Boomers are about to retire in the United States. This reality means many households will downsize and transition into smaller and more convenient accommodations like apartments.


  1. Echo Boomers

The wave of Echo Boomers (Link to (also known as Generation Y: born 1980-1995) are making their way into the metropolitan centers to enter the workforce. Student debt and witnessing the recent economic downturn are key factors contributing to their decisions to delay home ownership and remain as renters for a little longer.


  1. Immigrants

The housing market is tied to immigration. A large percentage of immigrant families will rent before purchasing a home. According to Homeland Security over a million new immigrants are arriving in the United States annually. This increases the demand for rental housing.


Analyzing the real estate demographics that affect a potential acquisition is just as important as analyzing the building itself. You need to know the percentage of these demographic groups in your market. Being able to accommodate them, can go a long away to helping you attain high occupancy rates. This will then help contribute to the success of your cash flowing multi-family property.


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