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Does your Investment have the Right Protection?

When you invest your hard earned money, you want to know that it is being protected.  There is risk with every investment. Knowing which types of investments offer protection can certainly help you weigh the risks and assist you in the decision of where to place your money.

Real estate asset protection is one of many advantages for private lenders who want to invest in property.


real estate asset protection is a must for real estate investors
Real estate asset protection

Real estate is such a great investment and there are several ways to legally protect it. This protection is not available with the more traditional assets such as stocks or bonds   If your paper assets have a lack luster year and incur losses, then you lose money, plain and simple.  Real estate however can be insured and protected from damage or destruction. Buying hazard insurance for example affords you the ability to claim losses for the value of the asset should a fire or natural disaster damage the property.

Creating limited liability partnerships or companies is another form of real estate asset protection.  Simple Acquisitions has a unique program that is offers its lender partners.  We create a separate entity for each property  which shields the personal assets of all its members. This further protects its partners.  We understand the important of protecting our assets and ensuring the necessary elements are in place to protect all of its partners.


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