Net Operating Income- What You Need to Know

What Every Investor Needs to Know About Net Operating Income

NOI: A Must-Know Real Estate Term

Investing in real estate means understanding net operating income

Net operating income is one of the most important numbers in multi-family real estate. It’s critical to understanding the value of a property.

I came across an article from an acquaintance and mentor of ours and I thought I’d share it with you as it contains some really great information about net operating income. Who better to learn how to invest in real estate  than from an industry expert.

John Dessauer is a very successful entrepreneur. He owns several multi-million dollar companies and has a wealth of experience as a real estate investor, educator, radio show host, property manager, broker and author. He’s written two books, “Real Estate H2O” and “The Alchemy of Wealth”, and a third one is in the works.


If you want to know more what numbers are analyzed with a multi-family property check out our Property Evaluation video series. it’s a detailed overview of the analysis done on a property to help us decide if it’s a property we want to acquire.  Sign up for the free video series.

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In the meantime….. click the link below and enjoy.

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