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One thing we have discovered over the years is that there are few things that almost anyone, even strangers, will talk to you about. The first is the weather. The second is current events and the third is real estate. When we do talk shop, some are not familiar with investment opportunities in real estate. Hence we often get asked about how to become a real estate investor?  Sometimes we are surprised to hear that many don’t know they could invest by becoming private lenders.

So here is a little insight into our company and about the benefits of becoming an investor.

Simple Acquisitions is a real estate business that forms syndicates with private individuals. We pursue non-performing and or mismanaged assets and turn them into performing ones. That transformation produces positive cash flow. It also do so while attempting to reduce as much of the tax burden as possible that comes along with that income.

Investment opportunities that create cash flow


Potential investors are pre-screened and then offered partnerships via a Private Placement Memorandum. This document is a detailed disclosure document that identifies who we are, what we do, and what are the potential risks for potential investors. We take investing other people’s money very seriously. So our Company is very diligent in ensuring it complies with Securities Exchange Commission requirements. Our investment opportunities  are not available to the general public; only to those with accredited investor status.

investment opportunites through partnering with Simple Acquisitions
Build wealth through partnerships



Simple Acquisitions’s investment opportunities don’t just offer a fixed return. We offer our investors equity partnerships.  An equity investor provides capital in exchange for ownership interest in a property. We offer an equity split with our partners. They get to share in the passive income without having to deal with the day to day requirements of managing the property. In addition, they also share in the appreciation and profits upon the sale of the property. Does this get you more interested in real estate investment opportunities?



The returns are based on the actual performance of the property and not on speculative markets. Returns are not fixed. Our investors get to participate in all aspects of ownership, which could result in a much higher return on investment.

It is important to us that investors feel comfortable with their investment choices. Typically Simple Acquisitions leverages its projects by obtaining a portion from institutional financing and a portion from investors to purchase the asset. Our company does everything else.

Here at Simple Acquisitions we do the following….

To locate and manage the best investment opportunities you need the right professionals.
Successful investors need a solid power team
  1. perform the research to determine the markets,
  2. locate the properties,
  3. perform  detailed due diligence,
  4. negotiate with the owners and real estate brokers,
  5. work with attorneys and accountants to set up our business entities and partnership agreements and
  6. work closely with the property management company to ensure we are getting the results we want.

We can even work with you through a national self-directed IRA administrator if you wish to use your IRA or 401K  to invest in our projects. We will share what we can to help you learn  more about real estate as investment opportunities.


Simple Acquisitions prides itself on being open and transparent with our partners. We share due diligence material and make available financial statements during an investment period. Our acquisition fee is competitive with that in the market place.

We ensure our lender partners receive all the proper paperwork to participate in our deals.  Potential investors are provided the following:

  1. A Private Placement Memorandum,
  2. Operating & Subscription agreements,
  3. Hazard and title insurance.

The returns for your investment are calculated based on the performance of any underlying piece of real estate. Partners also receive quarterly payments and updates on the property. Then, when the property is sold or refinanced as per the exit strategy, our lender partners are paid back their initial capital. They are also provided the opportunity to participate in future deals. Then the cycle starts all over again.

Hopefully this shows you how real estate can provide great investment opportunities.

Want to learn more about Our Program?

If you want to know more about how to get involved in real estate investment opportunities as a private money investor, then sign up for our very informative Intro Video series.  It will answer many of the questions you have about private lending, and will get you excited about getting started with us!


Remember, real estate doesn’t have to be complicated.

With Simple Acquisitions it’s smart and simple!