Twelve Reasons Investing in Charlotte is a Good Idea

Investing in Charlotte North Caroline
Charlotte, NC skyline

Twelve Reasons Investing in Charlotte is a Great Idea

Location Impacts of Real Estate Investing


Is how to invest in real estate on your to do list? As you know from reading our website; our major geographical focus right now for multi-family investing is Charlotte, North Carolina. Why Investing in Charlotte you might ask? Well, if you  download our free report at the bottom of our Market Page,  you’ll get a much more detailed understanding of why we believe it is such a great place to buy cash flowing real estate.Investors need to understand the role location places in a successful acquisition.

Below is an excerpt from an article written by Eric Frasier for the Charlotte Observer on October 30th, 2013.   Even now in early 2015, Charlotte is still rated in the top ten for investments. The article highlighted some current year rankings that helps solidify why we are investing in Charlotte. Economic and population growth are two pivotal elements that contribute to the success of multi-family investments. I get excited to see rankings like this! Check out Eric’s list…..


Twelve ways Charlotte is superior to other cities

So I was over at the Charlotte Chamber the other day and picked up a handy sheet listing all the “Top 10” -style lists Charlotte has made this year. Since we’re always wondering how we fare compared to other places, I thought it’d be an interesting item to share. So, here’s 12 lists where Charlotte (and North Carolina) ranked in the Top 12 this year:

  • No. 12 TopState for Business. (CNBC ranking of all states).
  • No. 11 Top Boomtown (Bloomberg ranking of all large metro areas).
  • No. 9 Most Job Openings per Capita ( May 2013 ranking of 50 cities).
  • No. 9 Top Moving Destination (Penske Truck Rental).
  • No. 8 BestCity for Jobs (, May 2013).
  • No. 7 Top Cities for Small Business (, August 2013).
  • No. 7 Spring Break Destination for Families ( list of 500 cities).
  • No. 6 Hot Cities for IT Jobs (Modis, Inc., ranking of 10 cities).
  • No. 5 Most Installed Solar Power Generation Capacity (SNL Energy ranking of all states).
  • No. 5 Fastest Growing Metro 2000-2012 (U.S. Census ranking of 52 metro areas).
  • No. 4 Fastest Growing City Since Recession (
  • No. 2 Best Airport for Making Connections (Travel Leaders Group ranking of U.S. airports).

Charlotte has a lot of the elements that make it a great city in which to invest in real estate. Learning how to invest in real estate involves understanding the importance of location.


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