Want to Know 5 Amazing Ways How to Invest? 

Real Estate Syndication Can Bring You Wealth 

Are you researching how to invest in real estate? Simple Acquisitions LP (the “Company”) is an investment company that forms real estate syndicates with like-minded accredited investors to pool funds to acquire and transform non-performing U.S. assets that will generate positive cash flow for its partners.

We pursue opportunistic real estate investments that provide us with great returns. Partnering in equity investments is a great way to build wealth. That is how to invest in real estate to get good returns.

Understanding how to invest means knowing the advantages of the investment you are considering. Real estate syndication offers investors many advantages. Let’s look at 5 now.

 5 Advantages of Syndication and Why YOU Should Consider Becoming a Private Money Investor

Access to Knowledge: Investors have access to the skills and knowledge of real estate professionals to find, negotiate, acquire, manage and sell properties. Simple Acquisitions works with professionals in all related real estate fields to help ensure a profitable venture. For example, we hire securities attorneys  to ensure we have the proper securities exemptions. We also provide paperwork such as Private Placement Memorandums, Operating and Subscriptions agreements for all our offerings.


  • 1. Access to bigger and better deals: A real estate syndication allows investors to benefit from and participate in large acquisitions by allowing them to contribute smaller and more affordable amounts. It permits them access to larger properties that they would normally not be able to afford on their own. It also permits them the ability to invest in real estate without spending the substantial time required to research and underwrite properties. It also precludes then from having to deal with the daily hassles of property management. This is how to invest passively.
Learning how to invest? Real estate sydication can provide aacces to bigger deals that provide bigger returns
Access to bigger deals
  • 2. Economies of Scale: Properties with more units are typically more cost-efficient than smaller ones, as many expenses, such as property management fees are lower on a per unit or square foot basis. These savings can result on more profit for each investment partner.


  • 3. Investment Security: Real estate syndicates own income-generating properties so your returns are based on the performance of that underlying asset. It is lower risk than some of the more traditional equity investment. That extra security is very appealing to many investors. In addition, Simple Acquisitions does not handle its partners’ funds. All funds are forwarded and managed by the closing attorney which provides extra security and oversight. That is how to invest properly.

How to invest? Ensure attorneys are a important team member of your team







  • 4. Great Tax Savings: The tax benefits of a syndication starts with its corporate structure. Simple Acquisitions creates limited partnerships for its investors. This type of structure is a pass-through entity that avoids the double taxation that exists with a corporation structure. This pass-through allows its partners/investors to claim depreciation as well as loan interest deductions to shelter attributable cash flow from taxes. This means your cash flow is tax free.

A second tax saving is a syndicate’s partners can further defer taxes if the property they purchased is sold and replaced with another more valuable asset, through a 1031 exchange. As they acquire another new asset, it can be depreciated and the tax savings begins all over again.


  • 5. Velocity of money  Another advantage is that Simple Acquisitions acquires properties in viable markets with strong rental demand. We implements strategic steps to force appreciate the property. By participating in one of our syndication deals, you as a lender partner would get to share in that appreciation. We here at Simple Acquisitions aim to have your initial cash returned to you in 3-5 years.


You can see why many accredited investors like real estate syndication. If you want to know more about how to invest with a real estate syndication company  or how getting involved in real estate can benefit you, Contact us!  We are offering a complimentary and no obligation consultation with part-owner and General Partner, Marc Dupuis.

We are not sales people. We are real estate investors. We will never pressure you to partner with us. Great opportunities speak for themselves. We provide as much information as we can to help you make a decision and the rest is up to you. We think it’s a refreshing way to do business .

If investing in real estate as a passive investor interests you then you will want to sign up for our Private Lending Documentation Series. We’ll identify the key documents that lenders should have when then invest in a syndication. Sign up today for some great information. If you are learning how to invest this is a helpful video series.


Remember, real estate doesn’t have to be complicated.

With Simple Acquisitions, it’s smart and simple!