Peer Advice You Should Ignore -Business Entities

Why You Should Ignore This Advice From Your Peers About Business Entities     Choosing the right business entities or your company is an extremely important decision. When starting a new business many new entrepreneurs are eager to jump right in and make things happen. Resist the temptation to do what everyone else is doing. … Continued

3 Amazing Benefits of Cost Segregation Studies You Need to Know Now

3 Amazing Benefits of Cost Segregation Studies You Need to Know Now Today’s blog comes from Amanda Bead at ELB Consulting Inc. One of ELB Consulting’s specialties is Cost Segregation Studies. If you are not familiar with these studies, and you want to get involved in real estate, then listen up. Cost Segregation studies provide an amazing … Continued

Strategies to Reduce Taxes

7 Amazing Strategies to Reduce Taxes that Will Make You Smile So if you follow our blog, you will know that this is the last article in our series on strategies to reduce taxes. In today’s article I’ll touch on the last seven strategies you can use to potentially eliminate paying any taxes while building … Continued

Reduce Your Taxes in 8 Simple Ways

How to Reduce Your Taxes in 8 Simple Ways For the third installment of our Tax Strategies blog series I’m going to discuss some more great ways to lower the highest single expense we have, our taxes. Remember, I am neither an accountant nor a CPA. I do not even work in that field. What … Continued

Lower Your Taxes in Six Easy Ways

6 Incredibly Easy Ways to Lower Your Taxes   This is the second blog in our tax strategies series. Today I’m going to discuss some incredible ways that exist to help lower your taxes. Now I know this subject isn’t the most entertaining for most people, so I won’t go into deep detail. But, I … Continued

Types of Income To Help Build Wealth Now

Types of Income That Can Help You Build Wealth Now   My partner Amanda usually writes our blog articles. I thought it was important to do a few blogs on a topic that I get excited about… strategies. I know how you feel!! Taxes – UGH!  I used to feel the same way whenever I … Continued

Key Elements of a Letter of Interest

Letter of Interest – Key Elements You Need to Get Your Offer Accepted Finding good deals in commercial real estate is paramount to a real estate investor’s success. Regardless of what some people think, a property’s financial success is not determined when the property is sold, but really when it is purchased. You do not … Continued

Why Multi-Family Investments Fail and How to Avoid Them

3 Reasons Multi-Family Investments Fail and How to Avoid Them    Interest in real estate investing has never been stronger. More and more people are catching on to the amazing benefits of this alternative investment. This is especially true in light of the lack luster returns that are coming from the more traditional investments like … Continued