Deferred Maintenance Can Hurt Your Profits

How Deferred Maintenance Can Destroy Your Profits  Don’t Ignore Your Building’s Health  According to Wikipedia “Deferred maintenance is the practice of postponing maintenance activities such as repairs on both real property (i.e. infrastructure) and personal property (i.e. machinery) in order to save costs, meet budget funding levels, or realign available budget monies.”   As you may … Continued

Property Inspection: What Investors Need to Know

What to Expect When You are Inspecting! A Low Down on Property Inspections   As a professional investor you will know how to invest in real estate. You know that if you’re considering buying or lending against any property, a must have requirement is to ensure a property inspection is performed. This inspection occurs during … Continued

Establishing Property Value

Establishing Property Value  What’s it Worth to You?   If you are looking to learn how to invest in real estate by acquiring income-producing properties, then you need to have a method to determine value. Establishing property value is one of the most important financial tasks of an investor. In real estate you certainly don’t … Continued

Net Operating Income- What You Need to Know

What Every Investor Needs to Know About Net Operating Income NOI: A Must-Know Real Estate Term Net operating income is one of the most important numbers in multi-family real estate. It’s critical to understanding the value of a property. I came across an article from an acquaintance and mentor of ours and I thought I’d … Continued

Due Diligence : Homework Can Make You Money

  Due Diligence: Homework That Can Make You Money Due Diligence. This is a common phrase heard quite often in real estate. There’s a very good reason for that. It is absolutely critical to a successful transaction. Yet so many people still get burned even though they have done due diligence. For those who truly … Continued

Rental Property Expenses: Show Me the Money

                   Show Me the Money!! Important Rental Property Expenses to Know      Have you ever wondered what the typical rental property expenses are for a multi-family property?  When performing due diligence it’s very important to analyze both the income and expenses  of any property. A building’s … Continued

Apartment Building Classifications: An Investor’s Guide

Does Your Apartment Have the Right Class for Success?  Identifying the Best Apartment Building Classifications for Investors   Apartment buildings classifications are used by many lenders and investors to attain an understanding of the current condition of a property. This allows them to quickly assess the property’s potential value. Apartment building classifications are typically based … Continued

Investing in Real Estate Means Understanding CAP rate

 What Every Investor Needs to Know about CAP Rate CAP rate. If you’ve been around the proverbial real estate block, you have certainly come across this buzz term.  For those who are just starting to learn how to invest in real estate; CAP rate stands for capitalization rate. If you want the technical meaning, I refer you to … Continued

Grow your Income with the Velocity of Money

How to Grow Your Money Fast like a Cheetah and Not a Sloth Use the Velocity of Money in Real Estate   A smart real estate investor uses tools to help grow their profits. One of those tools is know as the velocity of money.  The velocity of money is a simply concept.  It’s essentially … Continued

Succeeding in Real Estate Markets is all About Location

To Invest in a Real Estate Market and Succeed Do This!  Invest Successfully From Afar     I remember many years ago, when I first heard about people buying real estate out of town, state, or even country, I was amazed. I thought, isn’t that risky? You are so far away from your investment!  But I … Continued