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Learn how we utilize real estate investing strategies employed by those with high net worth and high financial I.Q. These strategies will allow you to not only grow your capital, but do so by having your returns based on what many experts reveal as the best investment in the world:  REAL ESTATE.

If everybody knows that buying real estate is “the” asset building class, how come so many people lose money with their real estate transactions? It’s not enough to just purchase a property. You have to know the strategies optimal for purchasing, and more importantly, how to hold that real estate.  That’s where these real estate investing strategies show their true performance.

Passive income is by far the best type of income out there. Why?   There is no need for you to devote time to it, but also because of the unbelievable tax breaks that are available. When done properly, real estate investing allows you to earn that income tax free.

Where else can you generate income that is tax free? If you still have a job, you might possibly be able to generate some tax advantages from your real estate to offset some tax liabilities that come with that earned income. This can only be achieved if you know the precise things that must be done in order to assure the result you are seeking.


 4 Ways to Make Money with Real Estate Investing:

  • cash-flow,
  • appreciation,
  • depreciation and
  • amortization

    Real estate investing strategies
    Good investors have a strategy

We’ll show you exactly how all these real estate investing strategies come into play. More importantly, we’ll show you what to do to ensure you can take advantage of them from the start. It’s not enough to just purchase a piece of property. You have to know a variety of real estate investing strategies available in order to determine which one is appropriate for any given situation.

We are well versed in several real estate investing strategies and engage the appropriate professionals necessary to put them into play.  This helps ensure there are no problems when it comes time to claim the benefits. The professionals we engage are experts and know all the subtle nuances necessary to make for predictable outcomes. We also comply with Securities laws ensuring we raise capital properly.

Learn More About How Simple Acquisitions Can Benefit You

Simple Acquisitions can show you how to put all the pieces in place to start taking advantage of one of the greatest asset classes out there; REAL ESTATE.

Whether you wish to learn how to become a private lender  or if you already own rental property, we can show you some of the strategies that will help you grow your wealth.


Remember, real estate doesn’t have to be complicated. With Simple Acquisitions it’s smart and simple!


multi-iconLet us show you how to become a private investor, set up your affairs as a seasoned veteran, and structure yourself to maximize your returns.

We’ll show you what you’ll need as a private lender, and how to have your returns based on real estate. 

icon2We help you with the next logical step once you’ve set yourself up as a private lender, How to evaluate potential opportunities.

We’ll show you how to evaluate an opportunity to see if it meets your investing criteria as well as all the pieces that are required to ensure everything is done legally.