Investment Property Analysis Done Right

Investment Property Analysis: Crunching the Numbers for Cash Flow   When buying a house, potential buyers create a wish list of items they want. Then they decide if they are willing to pay the asking price in order to acquire the property. For many, the final decision is based on whether or not they can … Continued

Building Inspections

How Building Inspections Can Make You a Better Negotiator   Many real estate buyers and sellers believe that the purchase price is negotiated and finalized when the contract is signed.  If you don’t want to get the best price for your property, then you can go ahead and do that. I know I won’t. The … Continued

Buying Rental Property

6 Things You Need to Know About Buying Rental Property   Ever heard the expression “Cash is King”?  When buying rental property to buy and hold, cash flow is certainly a royal asset. For real estate investors to be successful, the income must exceed the expenses. The residual income left over after all the expenses … Continued

Cost Segregation Study

A Study That Will Help Investors Save Money The Cost Segregation Study    Purchasing commercial real estate, such as an apartment building, is a big capital investment. So, as owners, we want to do everything we can to ensure our acquisitions are profitable. One such way to increase profitability is to claim a property’s depreciation. … Continued

Real Estate Depreciation

“2,4,6,8 What Can We Depreciate” Real Estate Depreciation – What Investors Can Cheer About     OK, so it’s hard to come up with a cheer for depreciation. But it’s something that many real estate investors like to celebrate.  Real estate depreciation is a well know concept in the investing world. Although it’s a common concept; … Continued

Charlotte Real Estate Market

How What We Love About Charlotte Can Help YOU The Charlotte Real Estate Market My partner Marc and I often get asked about why we chose the Charlotte real estate market as our current and primary market for real estate investing. We are not from Charlotte. We are not even from the USA for that … Continued

Investment Advise You Should Ignore

Investment Advise You Should Ignore From Your Peers Choosing the Right Business Entity One thing many people enjoy doing is giving advise.  This seems to be especially true for investment advise. A huge mistake investors can make is assuming all real estate investors can do the same things and get the same results. This includes … Continued

Investment Protection: Invest in Real Estate the Right Way

Investment Protection in One Simple Step A very important task of any real estate investor is to perform the necessary due diligence prior to purchase.  As investors we want to buy down risk. One of these tasks it to perform a title search on the property. Investment protection is a paramount requirement. With respect to real … Continued

Real Estate Brokers: Valuable to Investors?

3 Reasons Why Real Estate Brokers Can be Helpful to Investors If you have ever purchased a house then you’ve probably had at least one experience with real estate brokers.  Real estate brokers are in abundance. We see their faces all over bus stops and bill board signs.   If you want to know how to … Continued

7 Great Reasons Attorneys are Worth Their Weight in Gold

7 Great Reasons Real Estate Attorneys are Worth Their Weight in Gold No man is an island when it comes to real estate investing. Although the concept of buying and selling properties seems like a simple process, real estate has many moving parts. Most, if not all real estate investors, are not masters of everything. … Continued