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Why You Should Ignore This Advice From Your Peers About Business Entities

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Choosing the right business entities or your company is an extremely important decision. When starting a new business many new entrepreneurs are eager to jump right in and make things happen. Resist the temptation to do what everyone else is doing. Your business entities need to reflect YOUR business. This is one area where your accountants and attorneys are worth their weight in gold!! This applies to real estate as well!  This applies even if you are investing in real estate as a private lender, It’s important to understand the reasons for the business entities chosen, if which you will be a part.

We here at Simple Acquisitions actually dissolved our original business entities as we realized they were not right for our company. Make sure you take the time to set up the proper business entities. To learn more about real estate entities talk you your accountant or attorney!  To learn more about how real estate investing can benefit you, get in touch with us.


Remember, real estate doesn’t have to be complicated.

With Simple Acquisitions it’s smart and simple!!



Marc Dupuis

About Marc Dupuis

Marc got the real estate bug in his early twenties, and it’s never left. He has multi-faceted experience dealing with real estate investment companies. Marc’s is what you can call a real estate jack of all trades. He’s been an investor, landlord, property manager and builder in the Ottawa area since 1996 when he bought his first income property. He has since acquired a dozen income generating properties. He’s brokered property purchases for friends. He’s a partner in a commercial building and has built several new homes. His most recent build was featured in the May 2012 edition of Ottawa Magazine Marc manages the research and acquisition activities for Simple Acquisitions, LP. He creates strategic alliances with financial institutions, property managers, brokers, attorneys, contractors, developers, and real estate investment companies on a daily basis. Marc is also the liaison between the company and its private lenders. Marc has an innate ability to see the end result when nobody else can. He’s known for bringing all the necessary resources together to achieve his goals. He loves to talk to aspiring investors and provide education and guidance where he can. He even sent a laptop to an unemployed man that he met at a gas Station in North Carolina who was down on his luck, in the hopes that it would be a tool that could help him learn about way to make a living.

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