Become an Investor of Real Estate and Earn Big!

Be an Investor of Real Estate and Earn Big   If you are planning to diversify your investment portfolio, then you may want to consider adding real estate as a viable option.  There are many more benefits to investing in real estate than in any other investment vehicle out there.  Now is a great time … Continued

Keys to Successful Negotiations -What Every Investor Needs

Keys to Successful Negotiations –  What Every Investor Needs      Welcome back to our Negotiating series. In our last article we talked about what negotiations are, and what are the possible and preferred outcomes.   If you missed that article, just click HERE so you can catch up. Today we are going to look at … Continued

9 BIG Advantages of Real Estate Investing You Need to Know

BIG Advantages of Real Estate Investing You NEED to Know     Marc and I organized a local meet up a short while ago. We are big proponents of education, so every month we do a presentation for our members.  This month the topic was highlighting the advantages of investing in real estate as we explore … Continued

Are You a Smart Investor?

What You Need to Know about Being a Smart Investor   Anyone can be an investor.  Find something to invest in, fork over you money and hope for a great return. I’m sure your goal is not just to be an investor, but to be a smart investor that is successful in getting those returns. … Continued

Emerging Markets and its Benefits

What’s an Emerging Market and How can it Benefit Me?   We often get asked why we chose the real estate markets we do.  For many real estate investors the choice is simple. They invest where they live. They know the area and it can cut down on costs for them (i.e. less travel costs). … Continued

Peer Advice You Should Ignore -Business Entities

Why You Should Ignore This Advice From Your Peers About Business Entities     Choosing the right business entities or your company is an extremely important decision. When starting a new business many new entrepreneurs are eager to jump right in and make things happen. Resist the temptation to do what everyone else is doing. … Continued

3 Amazing Benefits of Cost Segregation Studies You Need to Know Now

3 Amazing Benefits of Cost Segregation Studies You Need to Know Now Today’s blog comes from Amanda Bead at ELB Consulting Inc. One of ELB Consulting’s specialties is Cost Segregation Studies. If you are not familiar with these studies, and you want to get involved in real estate, then listen up. Cost Segregation studies provide an amazing … Continued