Meet the principals!

About Marc

Marc-picMarc Dupuis has multi-faceted experience in the real estate industry. He  has been an investor,  landlord, property manager and builder in the Ottawa area since 1996 when he bought his first income property. He has since acquired a dozen income generating properties, brokered property purchases for friends, is a partner in a commercial building and has built several new homes. His most recent build was featured in the May 2012 edition of Ottawa Magazine

Marc Dupuis manages the research and acquisition activities for Simple Acquisitions, LLLP. He creates strategic alliances with financial institutions, property managers, brokers, attorneys, contractors, developers, and real estate owners on a daily basis. Marc is also the liaison between the company and its private lenders.

Marc has an innate ability to see the end result when nobody else can, and is known for bringing all the necessary resources together to achieve his goals.

About Amanda

Amanda-picAmanda has a Honors degree from the University of Ottawa.  She has 22 years of combined experience in customer service, finance, procurement and contracting.  In addition to being a real estate investor she  is a Procurement & Finance Manager and manages multi-million dollar budgets. Amanda is a late bloomer in the real estate investing world compared to her partner Marc,  but  she is living proof that it is never too late to build wealth with real estate. She has invested in Canadian real estate since 2008 and U.S.  real estate since 2012.

Amanda  is a stickler for details,  processes, and all things organizational.   She manages the day to day operations of the company and oversees all financial and contractual requirements. Amanda has her feet on the ground managing the business which lets Marc do what he does best, find those amazing and creative deals that we can all invest in and share in the returns.



About the Simple Acquisitions team

Simple Acquisitions, LLLP  is owned and operated by Marc and Amanda. Together the two partners have wide experience and deep insight into the real estate investment and construction industries. The Principals bring a complimentary set of skills and experiences, a commitment to operate with the up-most integrity and honesty, and have a very outgoing, yet disciplined, management style.  They work closely with their carefully selected power team of professional realtors, attorneys, accountants, property managers, insurance companies, etc in their chosen markets to find and manage great real estate projects.